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Patient Info

What to Expect

Your First session:

Your first session will be an evaluation and will last about one hour. During the evaluation you can tell us all about the pain or issues you have been dealing with. We will also ask questions along the way to help us determine what is going on.

After this we will do a movement assessment, a posture analysis, special testing, and look at range of motion and strength. Then we will give you a detailed description of our findings, a personalized plan on getting better, instruction on home treatment exercises, and approximately 15 – 20  minutes of manual therapy treatment as time allows.

The following treatment sessions:

Each treatment session is one hour and will include about 30-40  minutes of hands-on manual therapy treatment techniques. The remainder of the treatment will be corrective exercise to improve your condition. For more information on our treatment approach click here.

Our goal is that you have noticeable improvement in how you feel after each and every session!

Pricing and Insurance

Olmos Park Physio operates under a fee-for-service business model, meaning that we accept cash, check, credit cards, debit cards, FLEX, HSA, and FSA in exchange for our services.

We are out of network with all insurance providers because doing so allows us to treat patients as we feel appropriate. That means we get to spend a whole hour, 1-on-1 with each patient for every visit.

We believe that patients get better much faster when they spend quality one-on-one treatment time with a physical therapist who has time to assess, use hands on techniques, and educate patients on their conditions.

We typically treat patients 1-2 x week for 4 to 6 weeks.

We will provide you with everything you need to submit your claim to your insurance company. We will also give you instructions on how to submit these claims upon request.

Each insurance plan has different out of network benefits, but typically after your out of network deductible is met, you should be reimbursed for your costs.

We will do everything we can assist this process; however, we cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed.

Contact us to hear more about pricing. 

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