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Olmos Park Physio

A Full Service Physical Therapy Clinic


Olmos Park Physio is a full-service physiotherapy clinic that specializes in treating cyclists, runners, and active individuals.

Our mission at Olmos Park Physio is two-fold.

The first part of our mission is to serve the San Antonio cycling community by providing the highest quality care and supporting riders of all abilities at local events.

The second part of our mission provide real-world learning opportunities for college students. Whether students are aspiring physical therapists, business professionals, graphic designers we create opportunities for them to apply what they learn in the classroom in a real business.

We believe that for patients to have the quickest recovery time, they need individualized care that is tailored to them and the demands of their sport.

The approach we take at OPP is built from this belief. At OPP, we offer one-on-one treatments with a highly skilled Doctors of Physical Therapy. Each treatment session is specific to your needs. If your injury requires an hour of hands-on manual therapy treatment – we do it. If your injury requires us to do a detailed biomechanic analysis – we do it. If your injury requires us a thorough running assessment – we do it. If your injury requires us to look at your bike fit – we do it.

You get the picture, but you can read more about our treatment approach here.

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