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A Runners Guide to Overcome Hip Pain

In this blog we are going to talk about hip pain and running. I am going to assume that most of you here are runners, does anybody actively have hip pain? I chose to do this topic because it’s probably one of the most common things I see in my practice and presents us with a lot of issues. I’m going to give you some framework that can help you identify these issues and take you through my lens as to how we treat running pain. Here are some of the key ingredients that result in pai...
Posted on 2023-08-03

Run Analysis 101

For the run analysis that we offer, it is extremely important to understand the athlete we are working with and the goals that they have set for themselves. To start off, I like to get into the weeds about what people do with their training. If you’re following a training plan, I want to see the mileage, exercises, and the strength training that you’re doing during the week. By getting these specifics, I can plug in holes and see where things are going wrong and what could be causi...
Posted on 2023-07-27

Summer Reset

The summer is officially upon us! I don't know about you, but for years I have struggled with training through the summer...mainly because I absolutely HATE Texas summers. Well last summer, I made a commitment to embrace our crazy hot weather, and train outside more despite our ridiculous temperatures. I told myself, "Well, it's never going to get any cooler, so might as well get use to it." And I did, while learning a lot in the process too. I learned that slowly exposing yourself to heat, h...
Posted on 2023-05-24

Understanding the Components of Pain

Most of the time when we experience pain there are several factors... and I'm not referring to the anatomical / mechanical factors that cause pain.  Rather, I am referring to the factors, events, stress, and overall health management that we experience daily.  This is especially true of those suffering with chronic pain or if you have a nagging injury.  Here is a common clinical picture I see: 1) People lack control in one or more aspects of their lives. Usually this comes f...
Posted on 2021-03-11

Cycling and Desk Jobs

Cycling and Desk Jobs
If you're like most cyclists you have a day job that requires you to sit and work at a desk.  The bike is a great way to stay fit, but unfortunately, riding a bike has some similarities to sitting at a desk. It's important to recognize these similarities and their demands on our bodies. Doing so will allow us to avoid injuries on and off the bike and improve performance on the bike! The first way that cycling is like sitting at a desk is that it causes your hip flexors to shorten (tig...
Posted on 2021-02-01

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